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Membership in the Military Order of the Stars & Bars is limited to male descendants, either lineal1 or collateral2, of the Confederate Officer Corps, members of the Confederate Congress, or any elected or appointed member of the Executive Branch of the Confederate Government. All members must be at least twelve years old. Ancestral documentation must accompany all applications for membership.

A copy of the MOS&B membership application is available here. Please note the following when completing your application and submitting it for consideration:

  • Fill in the Family information starting with your name going back step by step back to your Confederate ancestor.
  • Fill in all the dates and locations as far as possible.
  • Proof: This should be provided to the extent practical using birth, census, marriage and military records. If there is a problem with any of this information, please call Genealogist General, Randy Kerlin (352) 362-1708, who can assist you with any problems you might experience. (Please make every effort to supply this information as it will be held for future genealogical research for others to use.)
  • Proof of Confederate Service as an Officer is Mandatory.
  • Each application must be signed by the applicant and countersigned by the individual recommending the applicant and the local Chapter officer.
  • Two copies of the application with supporting documentation along with a check in the amount of fifty four dollars ($54) payable to MOS&B need to be turned in to chapter leadership.
  • Membership dues are calculated from 1 September.
  • Life Memberships are available after the individual has been accepted for regular membership.
  • Membership in the MOS&B is available upon approved service of a Confederate Officer who was of Lineal or Collateral ancestry and served with honor. (Cousins are acceptable with proof of relationship to you and Confederate Service)
  • Legacy Memberships require the submission in duplicate of genealogy and proof of ancestorís satisfactory service in addition to the sponsorís name and MOS&B member number.
Important Note: Two complete sets of applications and supporting documentation must be included in order for the application to be considered and processed. It is a requirement that applicants wishing to join a specific chapter have a MOSB Sponsor. The form also requires the following signatures before the application can be processed by IHQ: Sponsor, Chapter, State Society, and State Society Genealogist. Failure to obtain all of the required documentation can cause a delay in the approval of the application.

Incomplete applications may be returned to the remitting applicant in the event these requirements are not met.

1You are a blood descendant of the veteran: grandson, great grandson, great-great grandson, etc.
2You are not a direct descendant of the veteran, but you share a common ancestor, so the veteran is your great uncle, great-great uncle, 3rd cousin, etc.