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On June 10, 1889, at New Orleans, Louisiana, the surviving soldiers of the Confederate States of America organized an association called the United Confederate Veterans to protect and defend the honor and dignity of the memory of the Confederate soldier. On July 1, 1896, at Richmond, Virginia, this duty was extended to the male offspring of these brave soldiers with the formation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

As the ranks of the aged veterans began to thin, a group of the surviving Confederate officers met in Columbia, South Carolina, concerned that the unique contributions made by the Confederate leadership were not properly chronicled in our nation's history books. On August 30, 1938, the first meeting of the "Order of the Stars & Bars" was convened with seventeen former Confederate officers and forty-seven male descendants of Confederate officers in attendance. It was unique in that the organization was made up of veterans and their descendants with the understanding that as the original Confederate officers died their offspring would continue to carry on the purposes of the Order. The first Commander-in-Chief was Captain Homer Atkinson, of Petersburg, Virginia, who served his country as the commanding officer of Company B of the 39th Mississippi Battalion. In addition to leading the Order, Compatriot Atkinson served two terms as Commander-in-Chief of the United Confederate Veterans. In later years, eligibility qualifications were broadened to allow collateral male descendants of Confederate commissioned officers and of any elected or appointed member of the Executive Branch of the Confederate Government. The name of the Order was changed to "The Military Order of the Stars & Bars" at the general convention held at Memphis, Tennessee, in 1976, and the "Stars and Bars", the first National Flag of the Confederate States of America was accepted as the symbol of the Order.

Today the Military Order of the Stars & Bars continues its dedication to the preservation of Southern history. A wide range of programs has been added to recognize outstanding literary contributions in the fields of history and journalism. Scholarships and monetary awards are offered to emphasize the need for truth in Confederate history. The Order also emphasizes family and tradition and encourages our membership to preserve their family's Confederate history for posterity. Each MOS&B membership application becomes a permanent historical record and is kept on file at national headquarters so that our descendants can continue our pride in our Confederate heritage.